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Libro the precariatThis book is about a new group in the world, a class-in-the-making. It sets out to answer five questions: What is it? Why should we care about its growth? Why is it growing? Who is entering it? And where is the precariat taking us?
That last question is crucial. There is a danger that, unless the precariat is understood, its emergence could lead society towards a politics of inferno. This is not a prediction. It is a disturbing possibility. It will only be avoided if the precariat can become a class-for-itself, with effective agency, and a force for forging a new ‘politics of paradise', a mildly utopian agenda and strategy to be taken up by politicians and by what is euphemistically called ‘civil society', including the multitude of non-governmental organisations that too often flirt with becoming quasi-government organisations.

Libro the precariat

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